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Francisco A Fierro Jr Construction Survey Specialist

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Construction Survey Seminars for the Contractor

Learn how to better Manage the Surveying for your ConstructionProjects:

Contractors with a direct hire survey program -


I.  Control

     A.  Total Station over GPS

     B.  Traversing

     C.  Level Looping

     D.  Calibrate Equipment

     E.  Different materials for control points

     F.  Do not always trust given monuments and/or bench marks

     G.  Locations of your newly set control

     H.  Different sets of Control points and their purposes

     J.  Bad options for setting control

     K.  Survey Math

Approximately 8 hour training seminar

Construction Surveying

I.  Layout

     A.  Basic Procedures, Checks and Balances

     B.  Different grade staking

     C.  Slope staking

     D.  Offsets

     E.  Precision Structural Staking

     F.  Heavy equipment GPS checks

II.  Data Collection

     A.  Naming files

     B.  Organize folders

III.  Manage the Sub-Contractor

IV.  Manage information for your Survey Crews

V.  Simple Knowledge

Approximately 8 hour training seminar

Contractors utilizing a Sub-contractor survey program -

I.  Control

     A.  Different orders for control setting

     B.  GPS vs Conventional Survey

     C.  Physical Monument and Control Structures

     D.  Best Locations for different sets of control

II.  Layout

     A.  Different grade staking

     B.  Slope staking

     C.  Offsets

     D.  Precision Structural Surveying

     E.  Checks and Balances

     F.  Heavy equipment GPS checks

III.  Collection

     A.  Naming files

     B.  Filing System

Approximately 10 hour training seminar

 Please call for rates (minimum of 3 per seminar) 

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  • " Mr. Fierro has been a tremendous asset as a Survey Superintendent for our project. He arrived about midway into our project and re-structured our surveying to be precise and c..."
    Dick Atterberry
    Lead Senior Piping Superintendent, Bechtel Corporation
  • "I have worked with Frank Fierro at the Comanche Unit 3 Power Plant, 750 MW Coal Fired Power Plant. Frank came into this Project to help us recover from the problem of layout er..."
    Andy Rodriguez, PE
    Resident Engineer, The Shaw Group
  • "It gave me great pleasure to congratulate Mr. Fierro for being a part of the team that received the Morrison Knudsen Engineers and Construction 1998 Federal Programs Eagle Award..."
    Douglas E. Steffen
    Project Director, Morrison Knudsen (Currently URS Corporation)